Elvis - Fifty Years - 1968 Comeback Special

Réalisateur: Steve Binder
Pays: USA Année: 2018
Durée: 110 Sortie: 16/08/2018
Admission: 6

It’s been 50 years since Elvis Presley--the undisputed king of rock--performs in his legendary 68’ Comeback concert recorded on December 3, 1968. Originally airing as a TV special, having not appeared on stage in front of a live audience for more than seven years, this spectacular performance is seen by many as the Memphis icon's most substantial achievement as a stage performer. The special, sees him performing alone as well as in jam sessions with Scotty Moore and D.J. Fontana, his early backing musicians. Including renditions of his greatest hits and more the special has become one of the greatest moments in rock music history and a stunningly brilliant milestone in Elvis’s career. Here, Elvis plays his greatest role - simply being his magnificent self. Over 90 minutes, Elvis performs his classic rock and pop hits, introduces new material and reminisces about his career. This event includes, a cinema exclusive, special introduction and studio tour by Steve Binder (the original Producer and Director), including special guest appearances and commentary offering a unique perspective on Elvis and his iconic status. A must-see for fans of Elvis and Rock and Roll.

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